General Information

Care System

Salisbury High School has an innovative Care system which makes a positive difference to student motivation, learning and wellbeing. Our Care system underpins and supports our school aim, values, fundamental processes and structures designed to help students maximise their personal, social, academic and vocational development. We attribute our significantly high staff/student retention, student achievements and resilience to the ongoing positive, purposeful relationships that our care system (regarded as best practice both locally and nationally) promotes and delivers.

Care Groups are composed of approximately twenty five students who remain with the same Care teacher for their three years of middle schooling. The Care teacher is the first point of contact for families and the advocate for individual students to ensure that they have access to a successful pathway. In Years 11 and 12, students are allocated to a senior Care group.

In addition to daily care sessions each morning, there is one Personal Development lesson each week. During this time, students participate in activities which raise their awareness of career options, develop skills in establishing and maintaining positive relationships with others, develop organisational and learning strategies, and discuss a wide range of contemporary issues such as racism, harassment and bullying, drug and alcohol awareness. The Care system is positively received by families, students and teachers. It provides a framework through which positive relationships are developed between parents, students and staff that support student wellbeing, monitor student achievement, develop pathway plans, encourage service for all, and develop responsible citizenship.

A report is provided at the end of Terms 1 and 3, with student led discussion of learning goals and issues for the future.


Parent/Teacher communication is vital for the success of students, and this occurs regularly through -

  • Care teachers - phone calls, home visits or parents visiting the school.
  • Newsletters - via email
  • Mid Term Snapshots
  • Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences which are advertised in the newsletter and on the school calendar.
  • School Diary
  • Parent Portal/Daymap

Parents and care teachers are encouraged to keep in regular contact with each other regarding student progress.

Student Services

Located in the main building, Student Services provides a range of support for students. Parents are encouraged to contact Student Services regarding attendance and if early dismissal is required by the student. The Student Services team may contact families if they have concerns regarding attendance, student notes or signing in/out.

Students can -

  • Sign in and out of school electronically for a variety of acceptable reasons. This allows the school to accurately monitor attendance.
  • Book appointments times for a counsellor
  • Print misplaced timetables
  • Phone parents if required

Please contact Student Services on 8182 0200 option 1.


Salisbury High School presents a musical each year. Preparation involves students, staff, and volunteers in many hours of planning, workshopping, rehearsals, set and prop designing and manufacturing, marketing and performing. The musical is integrated into the following subjects -

  • (Year 11) Stage 1 Music
  • (Year 11) Stage 1 Integrated Learning Dance
  • (Year 11 and 12) Stage 1 and 2 Integrated Learning Stage Production

Students participate in either performance or off stage roles as part of subject requirements. Senior school students who wish to be involved may select one of the above subjects. Both Middle and Senior School students may opt to participate in the musical as an extracurricular activity.

The musical involves students in a variety of ways: Actors, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Sound Technicians, Lighting Technicians, Backstage Crew, Designers, Artists, Production Assistants, Make-up Artists, Hair Stylists, Film Crew, and Photographers. Auditions are held in term 1 and roles are assigned to students based on their audition result. All students who are interested in the Performing Arts are strongly encouraged to be involved.