Vision Statement

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Salisbury High School believes in the importance of providing quality education for all our students. Over recent years, we have won recognition for our strong focus on student success through building positive and respectful relationships with all community members. The School prides itself in providing students with pathways to success, in an innovative culture. We are driven by success using quality teaching and leadership through whole site commitments and strong evidence-based approaches ensuring all learners have the opportunity to achieve their best.

Our Vision - Empowered to create successful futures

Our aim is to see every student successfully place in higher or further education, training, employment or community and service.

We focus on developing powerful learners who are resilient, resourceful, reflective and reciprocal through pedagogies that ensure our students accomplish successful learning outcomes within a positive and connected school community.

Our plans, decisions and actions are guided by our shared school values of -

  • Honesty
  • Success
  • Organisation
  • Respect
  • Positive Relationships

Within a connected community we can develop students who -

Learn          Think          Create          Flourish

  • are accomplished inquiry learners
  • mindfully reflect upon their ideas and experiences
  • communicate confidently and creatively
  • learn collaboratively and independently
  • plan, organise, strategise and respond using their executive functions
  • are resourceful, utilitsing reasoning and making links beyond the classroom
  • are both literate and numerate
  • are respectful, responsible and well balanced with a positive self-belief
  • value the wellbeing of themselves and others
  • prepare effectively for post school study and work

Middle School

As students arrive as Salisbury High School, they are placed into care groups. These care groups stay together for the three years of middle schooling (Years 8 to 10). Care groups meet each morning and in two lessons during the week for Personal Development.

During Year 10 students are involved in programs which emphasise personal leadership and responsibility, team learning, connections to the wider community and investigating potential post-school options.

They are informed about and prepared for their SACE and have a range of curriculum choices including Stage 1 SACE units eg The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and Youth Opportunities.

Senior School

During Year 11 and 12 students select either a University Pathway or a Vocational Pathway. Each of these pathways allow students to complete the SACE and can be combined as a hybrid course.

In 2016, 41 students achieved an A (A+, A, A-) grade in one or more Stage 2 subjects (80 A grades were awarded in total) and four students achieved Merits (perfect score) over multiple subjects. This was an increase in the percentage of A grade results to 22.3% and 75% A and B grades. 9 Students achieved an ATAR over 90 with one student achieving a perfect score of 99.95. The 2016 Senior Destination Data shows 25% of students gained direct employment from Salisbury High School. 2016 also saw an improvement in students taking part in apprenticeships or traineeships of 13%.

Our teaching and learning programmes promote -

  • High expectations
  • A broad range of subject choices
  • A strong focus on positive behaviours for learning and wellbeing
  • Access to numerous Vocational Certificate III courses including Building Industry Doorways Program, school based apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Youth Opportunities, Instrumental Music tuition, School Musical, and photography
  • A strong ICT program and state of the art e-learning suites, net books every student
  • Community involvement including parents and Old Scholars
  • High quality teaching
  • Personalised senior school pathways – University and Vocational
  • Extra learning opportunities eg literacy and numeracy tutoring, ESL support, Indigenous Education, extra-curricular activities eg Sport, Maths and Science Club, English Club
  • Access to learning in the Performing Arts Centre, Building Trade Centre and industry-led Design Technology Centre
  • Partnerships with Industry, University, TAFE and other schools

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