Subject Details - 10 English as an Additional Language

Subject Length4 semesters
DescriptionThis course is designed for students for whom English is not their first language/dialect. Students study the same or similar texts as in Year 10 English, however the length and task requirements are adjusted to suit the student group.
TopicsLanguage- Language variation and change, language for interaction, text structure and organisation and expressing, developing ideas and phonics and word knowledge.

Literature- Literature and context, responding to literature, examining literature and creating literature.

Literacy- Text in context, interacting with others, interpreting, analysing, evaluating and creating texts. Literacy blocks are implemented across years 9 &10 during their double English lessons. The aim of this one-hour session is to strengthen students reading comprehension skills in:
• Retrieving direct, stated information
• Interpreting explicit information
• Interpreting implied information
• Reflecting on texts

Literature texts broaden the student’s world view and encourage consideration of more complex issues such as the Australian Identity, how war affects the innocent, or the struggle for human rights, issues that concern youth nowadays in our society, learning about cultures through travel. Students are required to independently select and read both fiction and non-fiction texts.
AssessmentStudents are assessed against the Australian Curriculum English achievement standard.

o Receptive Mode – Listening, Reading and Viewing.
o Productive Mode- Speaking, Writing and Creating.

Suggested Prior LearningCompletion of English as an Additional Language or Dialect at year 9. Students must be from a non-English speaking background to be eligible to participate in this course.
Additional InformationExcursions may cost extra. A USB storage device is desirable to allow students to work on tasks both in class and at home.

Only EAL students are eligible for this subject.