Subject Details - 10 Italian

Subject Length2 semesters
DescriptionStudents develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through conversation, role-play, and comprehension of both written and listening texts. Students learn complex grammar and vocabulary as well as cultural and historical aspects.
Topicso Geography and People and history of Italy
o Travel, food, cuisine and booking accommodation
o Religious festivals and celebrations
o Work and earning a living

By the end of year 10, students use written and spoken Italian to interact with others for a range of purposes. They discuss topics such as education, work and youth issues as well as concepts from a range of learning areas. They recount experiences, and express feelings and opinion, agreement and disagreement, using present, past and future tenses. They discuss future plans and aspirations. They translate texts and produce bilingual texts. Students reflect on their experience of learning language and culture.
AssessmentStudents are assessed against the Australian Curriculum achievement standard.
Suggested Prior LearningSuccessful completion of Year 9 Italian.
Additional InformationLearning Languages develops overall literacy and is enhanced through the use of multimodal resources, digital environments and technologies in the target language. Students develop the personal and social capability and become open minded as they recognise that people view and experience the world in different ways. Students are taught explicitly to acknowledge and value difference in their interactions with others and to develop respect for diverse ways for perceiving and acting in the world. The development of intercultural understanding is a central aim of learning languages.

Students will be involved in Italian cooking sessions and an excursion to the Central Market where they will learn about Italian cuisine and foods from different regions of Italy.
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