Subject Details - 10 Civics, Citizenship, Economics and Business

IB Subject GroupHumanities
Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionStudents will study 1 term of Law and Society and 1 term of Business and Economics.

Law and Society
This subject is designed to give students the knowledge and skills needed to study Society and Culture and/or Legal Studies in their senior years.
Students investigate the responsibilities and freedoms of citizens and how Australians can actively participate in their democracy. They will learn about how laws are made and the types of laws used in Australia
This course is in line with the Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship subject outline.
Students will gain an understanding of Australia’s system of government through comparison with other systems of government such as communism and dictatorships. They will study the role of the United Nations, including Australia’s roles and responsibilities within an international context. Students will also learn about Australia’s legal system, including the role of the High Court.
Students will also explore contemporary issues in Australian society. This will include the media’s stereotypical portrayal of certain groups in society and how to make Australian society more cohesive.
Students will get the opportunity to participate in mock court trials and parliament debates and will visit the SA courts and Parliament House to cement their learning about Australia’s government and legal system.

Business and Economics
The economics and business content at Year 10 involves two strands: economics and business knowledge and understanding, and economics and business skills. Students will develop an awareness and understanding of the human, economic and legal dimensions of society. As a result, students will be prepared to manage their business affairs more effectively in their roles as citizens, consumers and workers. Students will be taught the content through contemporary issues, events and/or case studies. They will learn how to apply economics and business knowledge, skills and concepts in familiar, new and hypothetical situations. In their learning students will have opportunities to reflect on the intended and unintended consequences of economic and business decisions.
AssessmentStudents are assessed against the Australian Curriculum Civics and Citizenship and Business and Economics achievement standards.
Suggested Prior LearningYear 9 Humanities
Additional InformationExcursion costs.