Subject Details - 10 3D Digital Modelling

Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThis course is designed for students with a keen interest in Digital 3D designing.

Students are exposed to the exciting possibilities that 3D printer rapid prototyping has to offer in today's society. This is a practical course where students develop skills in using 3D modelling software to design simple products as well as a more comprehensive project using the design process. Students research the impact of 3D Printing has on future careers, manufacturing and society.
TopicsDigital Modelling and 3D Printer Prototyping
AssessmentStudents are assessed on practical and theoretical components against the Australian Curriculum achievement standards.

o Knowledge and Understanding
o Processes and Production Skills
Suggested Prior LearningYear 9 Digital Technology A and/or B
Additional InformationUSB Storage Device (8GB or more) for back up of student learning activities.