Subject Details - 10 Music A

Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThis course caters for students with a special interest in music and builds on elements explored in year 9. This subject is geared towards students who have a keen interest in music and are serious about pursuing music as a subject at Stage 1.
TopicsAn extension of Year 9 Music that includes:
o A significant performance component and development of music knowledge and application
o Elements of composition.
o The use of notational software (Sibelius) and advanced Garageband concepts
o Using ICT to create backing tracks, remixes and use technology involved in song writing techniques and performance recording.
o The study of culturally specific styles of music, such as the Blues.
AssessmentIn line with the Australian Curriculum achievement standards, students are assessed against the strands of Making and Responding to performances/artworks with a focus on developing skills, knowledge and understanding.
Suggested Prior LearningSuccessful completion of year 9 Music to a C grade or higher.
Additional InformationAccess to a USB flash drive would be beneficial.

Approval required if a C grade is not achieved in Year 9 Music.