Subject Details - 10 Music B

Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThis course caters for students with a special interest in music and builds on elements explored in year 9. This subject is geared towards students who have a keen interest in music and are serious about pursuing music as a subject at Stage 1.
TopicsA comprehensive music course that includes:
o A significant performance component and development of music knowledge and application
o Music theory, with a focus on recording elements such as using effects, equalising and mixing.
o Elements of composition: skills & knowledge acquisition and composition with Garageband
o The use of notational software (Sibelius)
o Using Music Technologies, including loop stations as an aide in developing performance skills, i.e. to create backing tracks and recording of performances.
o The study of Radio Industry Topics
AssessmentIn line with the Australian Curriculum achievement standards, students are assessed against the strands of Making and Responding to performances/artworks with a focus on developing skills, knowledge and understanding.
Suggested Prior LearningSuccessful completion of year 9 Music to a C grade or higher.
Additional InformationAccess to a USB flash drive would be beneficial.

Approval required if a C grade is not achieved in Year 9 Music.