Subject Details - 10 Drama B

Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThis subject extends skills developed in Years 8 and 9 expanding on certain dramatic theories and practices and is suitable preparation for students looking to study Stage Production at Stage 1.
TopicsStudents participate in warm-up activities, improvisation tasks, script writing/ reading, small group and whole class performances, stagecraft, and drama/theatre history.

Students focus on “What is acting, what is emotion and what makes us laugh?” They explore how to communicate emotions through the art of acting and in various social and cultural contexts. More explicitly they examine and experience various styles of comedy and comedic acting techniques. Students may also have the opportunity to present short plays to their peers and the wider community, and apply feedback to make improvements in their skills, knowledge and performance.

AssessmentIn line with the Australian Curriculum achievement standards, students are assessed against the strands of Making and Responding to performances/artworks with a focus on developing skills, knowledge and understanding.
Suggested Prior LearningSuccessful completion of Year 9 Drama to a C grade or higher.
Additional InformationAdditional costs may apply for project materials or excursion fees.

Approval required if a C grade is not achieved in Year 9 Drama.