Subject Details - 10 Visual Art B

Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThe course extends skills developed in years 8 and 9 expanding students’ experience and experimentation with different forms of artistic expression. They extend their thinking, understanding and use of perceptual and conceptual skills.

This may include painting, drawing, design, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and glasswork.
TopicsStudents study various elements of art with a focus on developing specific technical skills relating to chosen art form/media. They expand their ability to appreciate and analyse artworks and using specific arts terminology.

Subject matter will vary depending on interests and individual needs but there is a focus on project based learning and folio development to prepare students for the requirements of Senior School Visual Arts.
AssessmentIn line with the Australian Curriculum achievement standards, students are assessed against the strands of Making and Responding to performances/artworks with a focus on developing skills, knowledge and understanding.
Suggested Prior LearningSuccessful completion of Year 9 Art to a C grade or higher. If this cannot be confirmed a sample of the student’s work is required with a recommendation from a visual arts teacher.
Additional InformationAdditional costs may apply for project materials or excursion fees.

Approval required if a C grade is not achieved in Year 9 Art.