Subject Details - 10 Health and Physical Education A (Compulsory)

Subject Length1 semester
DescriptionThe Year 10 course is compulsory for one semester and aims to build on skills and knowledge acquired in Year 9 through a range of activities.
Topicso Practical Topics: Badminton, SEPEP Soccer and Outdoor Education.
o Theoretical Topics: Sexual Health and Relationships (Shine SA Program), Health (A) and Fitness Components.
AssessmentStudents are assessed against Australian Curriculum achievement standards.

Personal, Social and Community Health strand (A-E grade)
o Being healthy, safe and active
o Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
o Contributing to healthy and active communities

Movement and Physical Activity strand (A-E grade)
o Moving our body
o Understanding movement
o Learning through movement
Additional InformationPE uniform is compulsory for every lesson (i.e. light blue polo top, sneakers, shorts and track pants).